Tai Chi Chih: Bird Flaps It’s Wings

Here’s the next installment in the Tai Chi Chih series.  Bird Flap’s it’s Wings.

[youtube K8W5Zi1dxbY]

A few points for this exercise:

  • Build up the knee flex slowly(!!), and make sure the knee moves along a line guided by the inside edge of the bone process leading up to your big toe.  Take it nice and easy and work up to deeper bends.
  • Raising the heels is more important to the Chi effect of the exercise  than bending the knees
  • Breathe!

Any questions, feel free to comment below.  Let me know how you are doing with these moves!

Check out the first move in the series here, as well as my teaching schedule.

Until next time, happy Tai Chi!

Tai Chi Chih: Rocking Motion

Welcome to the first installment of my Tai Chi Chih series. Tai Chi Chih is a simplified version of basic Tai Chi Chuan movements developed by Justin Stone,  and was what kicked off my first 1,000 day vow, and is what helped me to lose over 200 pounds.

In this video I demonstrate the first exercise in the series, a warm up called Rocking Motion.

[youtube KylfzFhGxRs]

A few points:

  • Looking into the far distance, as if looking to the most distant horizon, helps with balance.
  • Do not strain to lift the balls of the feet, or the heels, to high when starting.
  • Try to keep the breathing consistent, but don’t worry about it too much at first. I tend to exhale as I raise my arms for the forward swing and inhale on the back swing, but any consistent pattern is fine.

Please feel free to hit me with any questions.  I’ll be releasing these videos weekly until the series is done.

Please see my Teaching Gigs page for my current schedule!