Tai Chi Chih: Bass Drum

Here we go with this week’s installment in the Tai Chi Chih “Joy Through Movement” series.  This time we look at Bass Drum.

*drum roll*

(Get it?)

[youtube I6kXFTO5eQ4]

Some key points:

  • Do what you can.  Push yourself, but not your limits.
  • The hand flutter in the left hand comes usually after about two years of regular practice and is a confirming sign that chi is flowing.
  • You may experience flushes of gentle warmth while practicing.  That is a good thing.

As always, I would love to get your comments on these exercises and their presentation.  Cheers!

Tai Chi Chih: Carry Ball Around the Platter

Time for another installment of Tai Chi Chih “Joy Through Movement”

This week we tackle the movement, Carry Ball Around the Platter.  It’s a variation of the move in the last installment, Around the Platter.

Don’t forget to start with the rest of the set:

[youtube REPpTMENV4Y]

As always, a few key point to bear in mind:

  • The motion should be smooth and constant. Experiment with speed to get a comfortable feel but try not to vary the pace within a particular set.
  • Don’t overdo the repetitions, let your body get used to the movement before doing lots.
  • The goal is Joy, not heavy breathing!

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Please feel free to hit me up with any questions regarding these exercises.  I’d love to help!

Joy and health to you!

Tai Chi Chih: Around The Platter

Alright, time for another installment of Tai Chi Chih!

This week we go over “Around the Platter.”  This is the first of the general set of motions after the two warm ups we went over, Rocking Motion, and Bird Flaps It’s Wings.

[youtube TuZ9fIaq6CE]

Some keypoints:

  • The breathing pattern is not strictly one way, but should be consistent within a particular set.  I always exhale while moving forward and inhale when moving back, but the reverse works just as good.  Find what is comfortable with you, and remain open to changing it if your body seems to dictate doing so.
  • Soreness in the knees is okay, sharp pains are not!
  • Take your time, go slow, and let the movement show you what it can do for you.

As always, you can check my Teaching Gigs page and stop in if you are in the area.  I’d love to see you!

Happy Tai Chi!