Tai Chi Chih: Princess In The Valley

Welcome to another installment in the Tai Chi Chih “Joy Through Movement” series.  I apologize for the long delay between installments, but life here has been the far side of hectic.  But, we are back in stride now!

So, without further ado:

[youtube kx4dstd4l4Q]

So far in the series (in order) we have:

Some key points:

  • Keep those shoulders loose!
  • Make your motions even and steady.
  • Don’t bend the knees too much as you get used to the form

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Let me know how the videos are working for you in the comments!  Cheers!

Tai Chi Breathing

A couple weeks back, Esther left a comment on my video showing the Tai Chi Chih move Bass Drum.  She wanted me to mention something about the breathing pattern in Tai Chi.  So, today after class at the Sunroom I had her film me giving the answer.

Here it is!

[youtube whQWYeNhfYw]

Sorry the sound quality is not so good.  😉


Tai Chi Chih: Princess On The Mountain Top

Here we are with the latest installment in the Tai Chi Chih “Joy Through Movement” series.  Today we look at: Princess On The Mountain Top.

[youtube xOYT5SNc6m0]

One thing I failed to mention in the video – The hand position is gender specific.  For men it’s right hand passing in front of left. For women it’s left hand passing in front of right.  This does not change as you switch feet.  I am not going to defend the political correctness of such a tradition. The fact is that in my experience the thousands of years put into empirical research by both men & women in the development of Chi Kung practices is worthy of respect.  But, you are your own authority ultimately and I would enourage any and all to experiment to see what works best for themselves.

During my own initial practice of Tai Chi Chih, over the course of my 1.000 day vow I experimented with reversing the hand positioning.  I put left in front of with in the Yin formation for 3 solid months.  The results were less than pleasant.  I did not get girly, but I did get sick and was afflicted with odd pains in my joints which cleared up a week after the experiment ended.  So, in short: mover beware.

Some key points:

  • Watch those shoulders!  Keep them relaxed, fight against the raise.
  • Make your breaths deep.  It should feel like your breath is hitting your pelvis.

I hope you folks are enjoying this and finding the vids useful. I would love any, and all, feedback in the comments.