Getting Things Moved Forward, But Not Done

It’s one of those days. I have a bit of a fever, and my head is foggy. Following one idea all the way through is just not happening. I am grateful for the awareness that this is the case. I’ve spent time today starting several really good posts, but just not being able to finish them. I get confused as I near whatever point I am trying to make. Luckily I know better than to push it and end up with posting something I will later be unhappy with.

So, today’s post is a wish of health for everyone and rest for those who aren’t quite 100%. Pass me the tissues. I’m crawling into bed. 🙂

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Stop And Have a Feel

Universal health care, and universal basic income. These are two topics that liberal peaceniks love to go on about. Different groups of people have different opinions about these ideas and many objections. However, these objections all seem to be rational reasons involving implementation. I wonder what they would think if they took a moment to really feel what these things would be like.

For the liberal peacenik crowd UHC, and UBI would feel like security. A major source of anxiety and fear would be removed from their lives. They would be able to turn their concerns to other issues and could rest in the comfort of knowing that if they chose to volunteer their time for good works there would still be food on the table, a roof over their heads at night, and some help if they met with an accident.

For the impoverished, these things would be nothing short of a godsend. Desperation would flee from their world view, and they would be able to focus their minds on things they want, like education, a chance to engage in life, and no need to turn to less than legal means of making ends meet.

For the (dwindling) middle class, and the small business owner, this would feel like more people with the means to frequent their businesses. More people would be able to eat out at restaurants. More people would have the funds to support local shops. In addition, UHC and UBI would mean relief from twinges of guilt when catching a glimpse of the current truth on their news and social feeds. The inconvenient truth that people are starving in the streets. Children are homeless. Desperation haunts our nation. Once UHC and UBI were in place, you would feel that these issues were at least being worked on.

For the big business owner, this would feel like a release from the headaches of providing health insurance for their employees as that would be handled by the government. There would also be the feeling of assurance of a population where everyone has at least some disposable capital to spend at the businesses in question. Lastly, I think that all business owners could get a good amount of comfort from knowing that their employees want to be there, rather than needing to be there.

I am aware that there are a whole slew of logistical issues with implementing UHC and UBI, especially in my country (the United States.) That’s the cool things about humans though, when we want to get something done (usually for a reason sourced in some kind of emotional investment, positive or negative) we figure it out. My point with this post is that maybe if we let ourselves deeply feel what living in a society with UHC and UBI systems in place, we will be sufficiently motivated to make them work with minimal adjustment pain along the way.

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Status Report on the Experiment

Today is day 69 of my experiment of posting every day of 2017. (It’s also Friday, which is a holy day in my favorite religion.) Seems like a good day to have a bit of a status report.

So far, so good.

That’s the short version.

The long version is that it’s been going well, and I still seem to have the steam to keep going. Lately, there has been an increase in the number of comments. It’s always good to get feedback and know your posts are reaching people. When I first started blogging I was really attached to getting comments. I went so far as to end every post with a call for comments, usually in the form of a question about that particular post. I forget where I got the idea to do this, but I do recall that it was a tip from some internet guru, or other. Now it feels a bit like a cheap gimmick.

That’s one of the themes that has been running through my life of late: No more gimmicks, no more tricks, no shortcuts. More and more in life, I want to act with authenticity without trying to game the system. (Which is funny since I am such an avid gamer and love to game a game system to see how it ticks…) The time has come to do what I love, put that out there, and let the chips fall where they may.

That is not to say that I won’t avail myself of available tools for accomplishing what I want to accomplish. Tools that makes things easier to do, or possible in the first place, are not gimmicks. They are opportunities. I will still leverage them to the fullest potential I can muster. I just won’t be using them to pull any tricks anymore.

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