Getting Things Moved Forward, But Not Done

It’s one of those days. I have a bit of a fever, and my head is foggy. Following one idea all the way through is just not happening. I am grateful for the awareness that this is the case. I’ve spent time today starting several really good posts, but just not being able to finish them. I get confused as I near whatever point I am trying to make. Luckily I know better than to push it and end up with posting something I will later be unhappy with.

So, today’s post is a wish of health for everyone and rest for those who aren’t quite 100%. Pass me the tissues. I’m crawling into bed. 🙂

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Morning Cup

Getting back into the old coloring book game. This is the first image I’ve completed in over a year. It’s fun how all the little tricks fade over time. With some hours of digging and head scratching I’ve been able to get them back. It took quite a bit longer than it used to for me to get this piece done, but I think it’s worth it. Plus, the next images will go much quicker.

I am half way to the number of pictures I want for the next book. The plan is to get it out this month. I can’t wait!

What do you think of the piece?

Having a Sick Day

The dust got all kicked up in our house yesterday. The landlord, and then a nice guy from the gas company, came by to see about getting our furnace repaired. Some progress was made, and a lot of gunk was loosed into the air. I don’t know is that’s the primary factor, but I have a heck of a cold today. Head congestion, lung congestion, fever, sore throat. The whole good time.

As I’ve shared before, I happen to have a touch of manic-depression. Nothing kicks me into a depressive cycle quite like losing an entire day to being ill. A while back I stumbled across an antidote, and I was glad to have that antidote today. The trick is to get something done anyways. That way when the day ends, you can at least feel the satisfaction of moving your work and goals forward.

I find it doesn’t take much for this to work. Today I got some web work lined up, and answered some logistics questions from another client which may lead to more work. I also got some progress made on my coloring book project. Additionally, I managed to get a few more job applications out, along with doing some transcription work. Finally, I am following through on my experiment to post every day for 2017 by writing this very post.

I’ll feel like crap when I go to bed tonight, but I won’t feel like crap who didn’t get anything done. I’ll sleep much better that way.

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