So, there I was having a groovy day after a spectacular meditation this morning.  In an IM conversation this morning I mentioned the movie Maybe Logic, interviews with Robert Anton Wilson.  I expressed the fact that I have a lot of love for that man, and watching the movie always tugs at my heart in the best way.  I love me some RAW!

So, after a day of fire alarms randomly going off at work with testing, teaching Aikido to 5 kids (2 old students and 3 new ones), teaching Tai Chi then training in Aikido class for an hour and a half I was in a very contented and pleasant frame of being.  I opted to go get some sushi.  As I walked slowly back with my order I suddenly got the urge to check the order stub.

Some of you may be familiar already with the sacred (to Discordians) 23 enigma.  If not, go here real quick.

Well, looks like RAW decided to slap me upside the head.  Check the stub above.  3 + 6 + 6 + 8 = 23.  9 + 0 + 0 + 7 + 2 + 5 = 23! I cracked up as I sat down with my RAW fish and decided to share this with the world…. at 9:14.  Think about it….

P.S. – It was 2 orders of nigiri and 3 maki rolls. 😉