What Can You Do In Ten Minutes?

I went to a great circus last night here in San Francisco with a good friend.  The Wanderlust Circus, at CELL Space.  The rocked the house.  The closing of the show was an amazing (and buff!) contortionist who ended her act by standing on her hands, bending her feet over her head while gripping a bow and arrow in the toes of one foot.  With the other set of toes she pulled back the string and made a bulls eye.  Friggin’ awesome!

Before we went to the show I had a conversation with my friend as she was getting ready.  She is currently grappling with a disability which constrains what she can physically do and for how long.  She mentioned using a timer when getting people to help her so that she was not taking too much of their time.  That conversation stayed with me.  Today when I woke up I wondered, “What can I get done in ten minutes?”  Ten minutes is not a very big time commitment, very manageable.  There were some dishes left in the sink from the night before and breakfast this morning.

So, setting my timer for 10 minutes I got to work.

Here is what I started with:

Not as bad as it has been by a long shot. 😉

Ten minutes later this is where I got:

Ta Da! Part of the sink load was the pan I had scrambled eggs in this morning in my mad rush to get my wife to an appointment.  That got tackled last, at the 5 minute mark.  Once that was done I had enough time to clean the sink itself, run some water into the Brita filter, and clear the counter top of some debris. Also, I got to the cutting board and knives that were on the counter behind me when I started.

Not bad!  I think I will carry this idea forward and tackle some of those nagging projects around the house 10 minutes at a time and post my results.

So, what can you do in 10 minutes?