Some Pyramid Schemes are Nice

I am a total newbie in the game of blogging for profit. This will be my 90th post on this blog, and this blog is the 4th one I have started, but the second with any advertisements, or web 2.0 social linking aspects. But, I am terribly excited by the process and have had a wide-smiling time learning the ropes. Take what follows with the above in mind.

Blogging for profit is a Pyramid Scheme. (Well, blogging for profit doesn’t fit the definition exactly, but it’s got several important similarites.) But, is is one with a kind heart, mostly. My own process for entering the world of blogging for profit went something like this: Participating in the 2005 NaNoWriMo blew past some of my major blocks between me and my child-hood dream of making a living as a writer. Then, on a random spin one day I came across a post on Steve Pavlina’s site – How to Make Money From Your Blog. That article gave me the courage to decide to make real, sustained effort toward leveraging a blog for supplemental income. Dreams of avarice were tempered by Steve’s advice, and the advice of Darren Rowse over at Darren’s encyclopedic archive on what is reasonable to expect from blogging for profit, and how to get the most out of it gave me more fuel for the push and helped keep my expectations sane (my dreams are another story.) Soon after I encountered, which turned out to be an amazing resource for general tools and tips and is often a source of article inspiration. Then I came upon Leo over at and got further fuel for my fire.

As I stepped into the blogogsphere I used posts from the above sources as starting points fro some of my own posts, and of course did my share of being a considerate member of the community by spreading the link love, linking back to source posts and quotes and adding folks to my blogroll. (The above paragraph being an obvious example). What that means is that any traffic I get will lead to traffic back up the chain. Site traffic is one of the major foundations of ever making a profit from blogging and hence: Pyramid Scheme. (Oh, and by the way, this post itself was most directly fueled by a cool blogger I recently found, Paula Neal Mooney and her excellent post A Make-Money Web Site…Turn Your Blog Into One That Pays.)

The most current example I have goes back to Darren runs content building contests sometimes. His most recent is the Top 5 – Group Writing Project. The basic thrust is write a “Top 5” post on your blog, whatever that means to you, send the link to him and he posts all the links he gets everyday. At the end of the week one random entrant gets $1001 from one of his sponsors, Chikita. The result? Lots of extra traffic. Darren gets a significant flow to his site, and each day folks read his stuff and click through. I put my own post into the mix yesterday and the result is that today is already my 3rd highest traffic day ever, and the day is barely half over.

In keeping with the ethic of link-love several bloggers have reposted Darren’s list and the result is that I have numerous trackbacks feeding back into my site. Joy! I would be remiss in my duty as a good little blogger if I did not do the same.

So, here are the links this far in the super-mega-awesome Top 5 – Group Writing Project!

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2 Responses to Some Pyramid Schemes are Nice

  1. JamesRREI says:

    The Top 5 Was a good one!

  2. Travis E says:

    Indeed it was. Very good idea Darren had, but he has lots of them. Thanks for the comment!

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