Self-Inquiry: Open Source

It’s funny how life’s lines cross sometimes. As I’ve posted about before, I have recently re-discovered the seemingly endless resource of self-inquiry as offered to the world by Ramana Maharshi. The moment I decided to look for more teachings on the subject, teachers literally sprang at me from all directions. One who has been very interesting is John Sherman.

This morning, doing my standard daily RSS troll I cam across an interesting post over at Open Source Life: How the open movement will change everything. The ideas there are very, very ambitious. Leo makes the leap from free online encyclopedias to, well, basically free everything. A pleasant dream, but perhaps not quite realizable within the time frame he suggests of 10-20 years. Still, things happen faster, and faster these days.

That post sat in the back of my mind as I worked through the day and kept the practice of self-inquiry close at hand. Then, I took a deeper look over at and came across this blog entry by John ShermanWe must make Ramana’s simple, perfect teaching freely available to all.

To quote John –

I want to use the magnificent and magical methods and technology now available to fling the seeds of this simple teaching freely to the winds. I want to use the internet, the radio, television, personal contact, and every other means of transmission that we together can come up with to plant the suggestion in every human mind that it might be worthwhile to look and see for itself, what it is, really.

I think this may be one of the best dreams of how to use the power of the tools provided by this information age ever. It’s not the first time this sort of idea has been proposed, and God willing it won’t be the last, but the coincidence of finding these two posts on the same day put a big smile on my face.

And, I would like to do my part. I am putting together a wiki as a repository of online resources I find on the way. If anyone who reads this has any resources to share, please email me and I will put them in the wiki as well.

The path of self-inquiry is a great adventure, and it’s always nice to have friends along for the trip.

As John says, “May all Being, know itself.”

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