Screw it, I’m launching.

It’s funny what hold us back. I have a strong tendency to second guess myself, for fear of doing something the wrong way. This bad habit stops me from moving forward with my passions and goals. It is an especially problematic issue when I have contradictory pieces of advice about how to proceed. I often find myself unable to pick between such suggestions. On the days when I think there is something to astrology, I like to blame this tendency on the fact that I was born under the sign of the Libra. Libras tend to weigh options to a fault, seeing the good parts of any given option, or argument. I have recently had reason to face this personal demon.

A couple of weeks back I made the decision to go back into making coloring books for adults. It’s an artistic expression that I enjoy, and people seem to enjoy my images when I actually get them out there. As a part of this re-launch of my coloring books endeavor, I put together a Patreon page. A Patreon page is a place where people can become patrons of a personĀ or project. You can make monthly pledges of support in exchange for goodies (like discounts on books, books shipped directly to you, your name on a website as a patron, etc). The moment I published it, I got an email from Patreon with the best “next steps”. One of their suggestions was to email and text my friends and ask them to pledge, even if only for a month, so that the page would have some action on it when I released it “to the general public.” The idea is called “social proof”, meaning that when you see that someone else has made a pledge you trust the pledge to be worth it. It strikes me as a cheesy move, but since it came directly from the company (who ostensibly knows what they are doing) I could not stop from considering it. So, there I was stuck. Torn between wanting to move forward, and afraid of not doing it in the right way.

Today I say screw it. It is with great joy that I announce the launch of my Patreon page for my coloring books. Check it out! I’d love to hear what you think!

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  1. Ray Schmitt says:

    Hey, I think you’re coloring books are awesome from what I’ve seen and I think it will be a “thing”, especially if you can find the niche that resonates with you (think Garfield, Dilbert, Charlie Brown).

    These icons built upon an idea that resonated with author and the public, AND it was an idea that was true to the core of the author. Spread your essence dude! Whatever floats your boat, delve in deeply and good luck!

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