Morning Cup

Getting back into the old coloring book game. This is the first image I’ve completed in over a year. It’s fun how all the little tricks fade over time. With some hours of digging and head scratching I’ve been able to get them back. It took quite a bit longer than it used to for me to get this piece done, but I think it’s worth it. Plus, the next images will go much quicker. I am half way to the number of pictures I want for the next book. The plan is to get it out this month. I can’t wait! What do you think of the piece?

Life Cracks Me Up

Today has been a good change in fortune. I’ve been struggling to find steady work, and today I got three call backs, and one email back. I’ve got three interviews scheduled for the week. I’m also going to start running a Star Wars RPG this week. It’s been too long. I got paid for some web work from last week, and I also got my biggest payout from my transcription gig to date. Lastly, tonight I get to hang out with two of my best friends, the love of my life and that other guy. Not too shabby. I even got in a particularly stellar meditation session. So, of course, a full blown migraine hit. I just spent the last half hour mostly blind, stumbling around for pain pills and caffeine. Good times. Still, you have to laugh, don’t you? … Continue reading

Ego versus Consciousness

The felt moment of immediate experience exists suspended on two seemingly contradictory anchor points. The first is consciousness. Consciousness is the simple awareness of the variations present in any given moment of experience. Ego starts as the notion of “I”, as contrasted to “not-I” arising from the uniqueness of any particular viewpoint. The tension between these two poles defines, in part, our existential conundrum. Consciousness can take the full view, in space-time, and relationship. Ego is constricted to the very near horizon. Ego is implanted by inculturation. Consciousness is inherent. Ego sees things as separate and clicking together in a great tick-tock clockwork reality. Consciousness sees the distinctions available in the interconnected, interdependent, interpenetrating holon of reality. Consciousness is an inborn capacity. To us human beings, consciousness is to us what water is to fish. We breathe it and move … Continue reading