Status Report on the Experiment

Today is day 69 of my experiment of posting every day of 2017. (It’s also Friday, which is a holy day in my favorite religion.) Seems like a good day to have a bit of a status report. So far, so good. That’s the short version. The long version is that it’s been going well, and I still seem to have the steam to keep going. Lately, there has been an increase in the number of comments. It’s always good to get feedback and know your posts are reaching people. When I first started blogging I was really attached to getting comments. I went so far as to end every post with a call for comments, usually in the form of a question about that particular post. I forget where I got the idea to do this, but I do … Continue reading

Overqualification is Not Actually a Thing

I have been living the joy of the job hunt for a few months now. It basically consists of hours and hours of sending out and submitting applications into the silent void, with (very) occasional punctuations of call screenings, and even more occasionally an enjoyable interview. (I am serious about enjoying the interviews. I have always found those entertaining. I had a great one today that took place in an adult bouncy house.) I am looking to work in a different field than I have before. That may not end up happening, but regardless I have come face to face with the demon of being overqualified many, many times over the last several weeks. Here’s the thing though, there is no such thing. You are either qualified for a task/position, or you are not. If you are qualified you can … Continue reading

Screw it, I’m launching.

It’s funny what hold us back. I have a strong tendency to second guess myself, for fear of doing something the wrong way. This bad habit stops me from moving forward with my passions and goals. It is an especially problematic issue when I have contradictory pieces of advice about how to proceed. I often find myself unable to pick between such suggestions. On the days when I think there is something to astrology, I like to blame this tendency on the fact that I was born under the sign of the Libra. Libras tend to weigh options to a fault, seeing the good parts of any given option, or argument. I have recently had reason to face this personal demon. A couple of weeks back I made the decision to go back into making coloring books for adults. It’s … Continue reading