Stop And Have a Feel

Universal health care, and universal basic income. These are two topics that liberal peaceniks love to go on about. Different groups of people have different opinions about these ideas and many objections. However, these objections all seem to be rational reasons involving implementation. I wonder what they would think if they took a moment to really feel what these things would be like. For the liberal peacenik crowd UHC, and UBI would feel like security. A major source of anxiety and fear would be removed from their lives. They would be able to turn their concerns to other issues and could rest in the comfort of knowing that if they chose to volunteer their time for good works there would still be food on the table, a roof over their heads at night, and some help if they met with an accident. … Continue reading

A Red Dwarf Fan Meta-Theory

*WARNING: This post is written with the assumption that the reader is not familiar with the Red Dwarf series. It also contains some minor spoilers. No major spoilers occur.* As I have mentioned before, I love me some Red Dwarf. I’ve watched all 11 seasons a number of times now, and seasons one through four so many times it’s silly. The series started in 1988, and season 11 was released in 2016. They have taken years-long breaks a number of times. With 29 years of the show existing, an entire generation has grown up with it. The fan base is very strong, despite the inconsistencies which haunt the show. These continuity errors may be part of the charm of the show. The producers and writers obviously care more about good laughs than they do about maintaining a self-consistent world. There … Continue reading

A Brief Glimpse of my Neurosis and the Nature of Evolution

I have always been curious about how the mind works. Since I only have direct access to mine, I have spent a lot of time over the years watching it. Meditation has definitely helped in this regard. For the most part, it’s a fairly banal bit of business, but occasionally it does something interesting. I’ve noticed this mostly happens when I have an “Ah-hah!” moment. Usually, this occurs when a problem I have been ruminating on for some time finally moves a bit forward. One of those leaps happened today. The ah-ha moment I got to witness today has to do with a couple of things that Buckminster Fuller, Ray Kurzweil, and Terence McKenna have in common. They actually have a lot in common, but the two things that are important here is that they all had some very interesting … Continue reading