Using Gmail as a Journal

Check out the site, good stuff.  I came across an old post there on Using Gmail as a Journal.  It’s linked from White’s of Henry Lane, also a good site to tool around. It has been a standing goal of mine lately to get my Gmail inbox down to a reasonable volume.  I am a total email slut, so I’ve got a long way to go.  I also am on a personal quest to get more organized and use my personal time more effectively for achieving my personal goals.  The above idea gives me some good ideas on how to use my email account as a tool, rather than a raging river of information.


There’s a great article over at wikiHow – How to Write a Short Story. Some really solid advice and principles there, speaking as a fledgling writer with a few shorts, and two novels, under my belt. Under the category of gathering inspiration, I would like to add that the tip given by Anne Lamott, in Bird by Bird , is still the best one I have heard. I already posted about it here, check it out! Useful to the Nth degree.