GETTING ORGANDIZED – Finding Ways to Keep Track of it All

I have long struggled with getting my life more organized, and making sure I don’t let things fall through the cracks. For me it is an uphill battle. My mid-term memory has never been that reliable. And, I suffer from a basic lack of education in this area. My best attempts have involved keeping notes in a pocket sized notebook. I have toyed with the idea of getting a PDA, like a Palm or some such, but have had serious doubts as to whether I would actually use it. I have also dismissed the idea of a planner like the Day Runner because of it’s size and clumsiness. In surfing some of my feeds today I came across the Computer Zen site entry on Personal Systems of Organization, which lead me to the Hipster PDA (and it’s wiki), and to … Continue reading

Two Guidelines for Writing

There are several good guidelines to writing that I keep ignoring. The first is to not talk about your work when first drafting. Stephen King in his book On Writing has this wonderful quote given to him by an early teacher – “Write with the door closed, rewrite with the door open.” I tend to blather on, and as par for the course in my way of living if I have said something I consider it done. The blatant non-truth there is kind of shocking, isn’t it? I also look for the person I am telling to be wowed. Never remembering that the heard word is vastly different to the read word. The second piece of advice is – once you start the first draft of a project, get it done as quickly as you can. I meander, pause, and … Continue reading


Hello world. I am launching yet another blog! But, this time for sure! My long hidden dream of being a professional writer is becoming more real each day. I am making progress on my other stealth blog (name hidden since I will be talking about things that are supposed to remain anonymous) but that venue doesn’t allow for simply letting my hair down. Metaphorically of course since I am living as a self-inflicted bald man. I have recently read the fabulous book, No One Cares What You Had for Lunch by Margaret Mason. You can get to her personal blog here. I will be starting things off here by working my way through the prompts in her book. I can’t promise all 100 ideas she has, but I think I can manage 90+. Here’s to a brave new literary world!