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Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. I have long had a dream of being a published writer. Hence this blog (and a few others…). Recently I fulfilled that dream. Here are the results so far. (Check back often as I roll out more this year!)

The CoverFirst up is, The Book of Ted. This is a short story that I did back when I was still a customer service monkey. It was a cathartic story to write, and it’s my personal favorite of my short stories.

“Meet Ted. Ted has one hell of a job. Literally. Who knew that they were short on customer service workers in Hell? The hours are long, the clients are unhappy, the staff is… horned. That would be enough to make anyone want to get out, but Ted has extra motivation. His girlfriend is still alive, and she has not led the most puritan of lives. Ted needs to get her a message, somehow…”


Next is, The Compulsive Philosopher: Random Reflections on Life & Things. It’s coming out on March 23rd, though you can pre-order it now (get it before the price goes up). This is a collection of some of my earliest posts, updated and expanded with the seasoning of years.

” ‘Hi, my name is Travis, and I’m a Philosopholic…’ This is a collection of some of my early essays on life, writing, habit, martial arts, weight loss, and stuff. A wide spectrum is covered, as befits my compulsion. I hope you get something out of it, and/or find it amusing. Cheers!”

Travis-Book-Front-Cover-FINAL-optionAThen there is, The Truth is You. I’ve been nursing this baby for eight years now, and it is finally going to see the light of day. I ran a successful kickstarter for it last year. Coming out soon! You can check more out about it at the dedicated site.

“Hi! My name is Travis Eneix, and I’ve been at the seeking game for quite some time.

Now that I have a firm action to take, I’ve been able to resolve the questions and confusion that led me to take up the spiritual quest. I now get to live in direct encounter with life, with a radical reduction in the fear that believing the lies I had been told about me caused.

It’s my firm conviction that this simple idea can help anyone dissolve any false ideas about who they are, so that they can live life immediately and directly.That’s why I’m writing this book, and that’s why I want to release it in a big way.”

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