Meditation is Not About Getting Better at Meditation

It’s basic human nature to want to do something important well. If we have a job to do, we like to do it in a way we can be proud of. If we are making something, we want it to turn out well. Not only that but the next time we make something we want it to be even better. Humans like their endeavors to mature. That’s a good thing.

However, the drive to improve can prove a distraction, or even an impediment, in accomplishing what we are doing. Writing for example; one of the frequent pieces of advice a young writer gets is to not edit as they write. Instead, forward momentum should be preserved at all costs. Edits can be taken care of later. Spending too much time getting every single word just so will cripple your creative flow. (By the way, while writing this example I stopped to edit typos about seventeen times. That is a HUGE improvement from when I started writing as a form of expression over a decade ago. So it goes.)

In just this way, a focus on meditating better can easily derail meditation itself. Meditation is about being right where you are and letting right where you are show up however it happens to. As you can easily see, being right where you are while trying to be better at being right where you are is not meditation. It’s practicing meditation. That is not a bad thing, and it is inevitable. There is nothing wrong with getting better at meditating. My suggestion though would be to keep that to a minimum. That way you can get some of the benefits of actual meditation. Which is why you sat down in the first place, yes?

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