Life Cracks Me Up

Today has been a good change in fortune. I’ve been struggling to find steady work, and today I got three call backs, and one email back. I’ve got three interviews scheduled for the week. I’m also going to start running a Star Wars RPG this week. It’s been too long. I got paid for some web work from last week, and I also got my biggest payout from my transcription gig to date. Lastly, tonight I get to hang out with two of my best friends, the love of my life and that other guy. Not too shabby. I even got in a particularly stellar meditation session.

So, of course, a full blown migraine hit. I just spent the last half hour mostly blind, stumbling around for pain pills and caffeine. Good times.

Still, you have to laugh, don’t you?

I was going to finish up another blog post full of incredibly insightful and amusing existential musings. But now, not so much. I’m going to lay down for a quick nap. Cheers!

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  1. Ronin says:

    Yay! Boo! Yay! 🙂

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