How Long Should We Wait?

I am having a quiet day while I wait for the inauguration of doom to deal with itself. I am staying away from TV, and YouTube, and keeping a distance from Facebook. I have decided, along with many people, to not lend my attention to the debacle that culminates this tortuous election season.

I am also engaging in a bit of sacredness. I am enjoying some hot dogs on this Friday, with buns as a way to re-focus on my most beloved religion. (For those of you who don’t know what this means, see here.) While I enjoyed my repast, I offered prayers and good wishes for those on the front lines of the protests today. If Eris, the Goddess of Confusion, can’t help out today I don’t know a divinity who can!

This election has ignited a great many conflicting emotions for a great many people. Some are getting tired of hearing about it. I don’t blame them at all. I admit to being worn out by the whole thing. People have been employing a variety of methods for dealing with this on social media. One has been the adoption of the refrain, “Wait and see!” This has been coming from folks who voted for Drumpf, as well as those who voted for Clinton. I get that this is an expression of frustration with regard to the near ever-present complaints about the PEOTUS decorating our social media feeds. I can very much understand the sentiment. However, this leads me to the question of, “Wait for what?” Haven’t we already seen? We’ve seen how Drumpf treats the media. We have seen how he treats the disabled. We have heard what he thinks of women. We have seen his dishonest business practices and failures. We have seen his racism on full display. We have seen him avoid taking any firm stand. We have seen his desire to divide the country. We have seen him flip-flop on his issues. We have seen him publicly admit that his campaign promises and propaganda was full of conscious lies and marketing tricks. We have seen him praise our opposition on the international level. We have not seen his tax returns, despite him saying he would disclose them if he won the election.

For what more do we need to wait and see, exactly? I don’t see how anyone can have gotten to this point in the process and not have an opinion about how this joker is likely to comport himself as President. I mean, I get that we can know that he will most probably not carry through on any of his promises, but that’s not about what he will do, it’s about what he very likely won’t do. So, what is it we are supposed to wait for? Not only do I find the notion of wait and see dangerous (as a friend said, “Do we need to see people die for lack of the ACA before we realize it was a bad idea to eliminate it completely?”), I honestly don’t understand what more we could see that will make us decide.

Wait and see what?

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