Have You Ever?

Have you ever woke up in the morning, aware but not of what or who you are?

Have you found yourself spontaneously wrestling with the compression of time at relativistic speeds, watching space-time map out in four dimensions that your mind can sort of grasp, but can’t translate into the daily run-of-the-mill mapping available to conventionally recognized senses?

Have you been thrashing with sharp bursts of energy from inside, like electrical shocks that are intense but not painful?

Have you watched your self-story fall screaming into oblivion, only to re-appear a moment later as it tries to gain purchase for the day?

Have you smiled as you acknowledged that the price of a body-brain system is a self-story, and even though it seems possible to work the system into a shape where such a story doesn’t appear to occur, it seems like that would be a lot less of a fun trip?

Have you watched the whole play from a place beyond the whole subject/object circus?

A place so bright that it burns everything seen into a dim vision by comparison?

Have you longed to share that vision with just one other person, but recognized that all you can ever do with words is talk about what you see, which is never that which is seen?

Have you ever… ?

Yeah, me too.

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