Douglas Harding: Creativity

Even in ordinary life we find hints of this vital connection between Self-awareness and creativity. Don’t our very best moments always include a heightened consciousness of ourselves, so that we aren’t really lost in inspiration or creative fervour or love, but newly found? At its finest, doesn’t the opaque object over there point unmistakably back to the transparent Subject here? It may even happen that the transparency comes first: we attend, our idiotic chatter dies down, we consciously become nothing but this alert, expectant Void – and presently the required tune or picture, the key notion, the true answer, arises ready-made in that Void, from that Void. (Douglas Harding. Look For Yourself.)

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2 Responses to Douglas Harding: Creativity

  1. the journey within says:

    this quote is such a beautiful observation and so rings true. thanks for sharing it.

  2. Travis says:

    My pleasure! So glad you liked it. Douglas Harding is an amazing teacher. Cheers!

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