Make A Job You Love

I came across an excellent article by Rosa Say this morning, and thought readers here would find it interesting. I know I did! The article is Break the Mold and Create Your Own Work. It asks some very important, and basic questions regarding what the Buddhists call ‘Right Livelihood.’ In this day and age of amazing proliferation of career opportunities and artistic pursuits, it is a sad thing when a person does not consider what would serve their soul best before taking on a job (either for others or for themselves.) Also, the concept of a job being only for the purposes of making income should be examined. Pursuing your hobbies is a job too, with yourself as the employer and employee, and the paychecks consisting of contentment.

My A-Number-1 Productivity Tip

As you have probably seen in my earlier posts, I am on a persistent quest to find ways to tweak my personal organization system to enhance my productivity levels.  I have done a fair amount of digging, and come up with a solid basic system.  Along the way have developed a very powerful personal productivity “hack” and thought I would share it.

You ready?

Okay.  Presenting Travis’s A-Number-1 Personal Productivity Tip

  • Stop researching productivity methods and be productive.

Heh.  Did I wow you?  Okay, tongue now out of cheek.  Obviously this is a confession that I came to the point (quite rapidly) where I was doing more to work on my productivity than on doing actual work.  I became a productivity addict.  That’s no surprise really since I have pronounced addictive behavior issues, and it’s an easy trap for me to fall into.  But, I have roused out of the research numbness a bit, and am actually applying what I have learned.  Its going quite well.  On a more serious note I have basically put research about productivity back into my own task management system and will continue to make tweaks, when prompted to by my Next Action list.

Hope you enjoyed the tip.  Get back to work.