A Strange Lack Of Fear

I have recently become a man of leisure.  I mean that in the popular sense of now being without a job.  I was laid-off on Thursday, along with 20% of the company in what is the now common place of “work force reduction.”  No matter where you go in America these days, the American Economy is there, and I am amongst its latest victims.

I say victim in the sense of target, and not someone who has had something bad done to them.  I make that distinction because of the way this is different from the last time I was laid-off when my department was closed and the work moved out of state.  That time there was a great deal of fear.  It was a long nail-biting six months until I found the job I was just let go from.

This time there is no fear.  Let me be clear here; there is concern, worry, a sense of needing to make plans.  But no fear.  None.  Not even really any stress.  It’s just a situation than needs dealing with.  That’s all.  No big deal.   For the last 16 months I have been actively engaged in a spiritual practice.  One of the “gifts” that is supposed to be a result of this practice is a dropping away of fear.  I did not notice that happening, but this event (and my reaction to it) certainly seems to prove that claim.

I was contemplating a career change, and this may very well be the powers that be (whoever that is) is trying to tell me something.  It also helps that this time around I have a little more understanding of how to manage my money, which is a skill I have been working on for the last year.

This will also give me some more time to blog, so be prepared to hear more from me here.


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