A Measuring Stick For Behaving Well

Diane Musho Hamilton has a great post over at her blog that inspired me today – Simply Uncool. It’s a great piece and reminded me of a distinction I got this one time at Burning Man

Don’t be that guy.

We all know examples.  This is the guy (or gal) who does something incredibly inappropriate at a high-school party, like trying to hit on the host’s Mom.  Or, the guy at Burning Man who keeps interrupting everyone to tell them how they should be doing what they’re doing.  Or, the layman in a sangha who snickers when someone asks a novice question at the Q & A after a dharma talk.  Or, the goober who always posts derisive, dismissive posts on Facebook threads making light of something held serious by the poster.

We all know that guy behavior when we see it.  Thing is that that guy seems to float about, doesn’t he? It’s a phenomenon we all inevitably partake of.  It’s those moments when we should have known better.  Those split-seconds where the words come out a fraction faster than we can catch them.  Where we behave as if no one could ever know.

We have all been that guy a time, or two (or three, or seventy-five.)  Luckily now I, and you, have a mantra to remind us to check in on our behavior.  We can hold what we are doing against our remembrance of the shenanigans of that guy, and if we are being that guy we can cut it out! (This time… maybe… heh…)

P. S. ~ Thanks Muse!

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