RANGE – Restaurant reviewy goodness

Here’s my review of Range over at Yelp

“I have been to  Range several times and have never had anything but good service and great food.  The custom cocktails are usually exciting and yummy, and the regular list is wonderful.  The staff is pleasant and accommodating, and they take the time to dish out personal attention without being buddy-buddy.

It can feel a bit tight at times, but this is San Francisco so that’s not much of a ding.

The only downside I can see would be if I was a vegetarian.  I am not thankfully, but the selections and preparation care definitely favor the meat dishes.”

X-MEN 3: THE FINAL STAND – God, please make it so!

Finally saw the flick last night.  Woof!  What a dog!

Terrible acting, forced love interests, deadpan directing.

Some of the effects were pretty, but they got repetitive.  Famke Janssen, who played Jean Grey, and who I enjoy in movies was basically a back drop piece the whole film.  Wolverine, Hugh Jackman, was painful in the role of inspiring drill sargeant.  Kelsey Grammer, as Beast, was okay but half his dialogue was muffled.  Vinnie Jones, who I also adore as an actor, was horrid as Juggernaut.  The Brotherhood mutants were underdetailed and uninteresting.
And, they killed two of the seminal team members, making the possibility of any more X-Men movies remote.

All in all, a mutant powered sleeper.


Just came across a cool little article on Personal Planning. Good basic advice in there. I have been making strides to get myself, and my life, more organized of late and it has been grand. No more cruising through the day forgetting to consult a mental to-do list. Now I keep those lists in an ordered repository that I check often. Out of mind, and into sight. That’s the way to get things done!