Of Things Unspoken

“The Map is not the Territory” This saying was first coined by Alfred Korzybski, the man who gave us the book “Science and Sanity” in 1933 which founded General Semantic. I first encountered it in a book by Robert Anton Wilson who spent a lot of his writing expounding on this idea and providing parables and exercises designed to help those interested in getting comfortable with this stark fact of life. Ken Wilber often uses this quote as a grounding principle when discussing the Integral Model. Alan Watts had a more whimsical version, “The menu is not the meal.” Basically, it means that our perceptions, maps, and models of reality are never reality itself. An idea about a car will not get you to the airport. The word, “water” will not quench your thirst. An understanding of how trees grow … Continue reading

Getting Things Moved Forward, But Not Done

It’s one of those days. I have a bit of a fever, and my head is foggy. Following one idea all the way through is just not happening. I am grateful for the awareness that this is the case. I’ve spent time today starting several really good posts, but just not being able to finish them. I get confused as I near whatever point I am trying to make. Luckily I know better than to push it and end up with posting something I will later be unhappy with. So, today’s post is a wish of health for everyone and rest for those who aren’t quite 100%. Pass me the tissues. I’m crawling into bed. 🙂 photo credit

EVE Online: The Rabbit Hole

I have had a long time on again, off again relationship with the MMO game EVE Online for nearly as long as the game has existed. The first time I played lasted about three days. I worked my way up to a frigate, went out into a lower security system to hunt NPC pirates and got locked onto by another player in a destroyer. He started shooting my ship and sent me a chat message saying, “4 million ISK and I’ll stop shooting.” (ISK is the in-game currency.) I told him to go fuck himself, and he blew up my ship. The ship cost about 8 million to build. I rage quit on the spot and canceled my account. (At the time there was no free-play option.) Over the years I have dipped my head back in a few times. I … Continue reading