Accept But Don’t Settle

In spiritual circles there is a lot of talk about acceptance and surrender. The idea is solid enough: By accepting what is actually happening and surrendering the idea of changing this current moment, one can release a large amount of needless stress. By ceasing the struggle with what is, our resources are freed up for taking what action we can. The flip side is that by not occupying our minds with something which is not actually occurring (like worrying about bad news, or what might happen in an upcoming meeting) we can use that energy instead to skillfully deal with the situation at hand. The above points are very good, as far as they go. The danger comes when acceptance crosses over into settling. Acceptance is when you understand a situation cannot be changed in the moment. Settling is when … Continue reading

Why I Am a Spiritual Anarchist?

I identify as a spiritual anarchist. The primary reason is contained in that first sentence. You can see my rant from a couple of days ago about that. In addition to wanting to know who it is that’s doing the identifying, there are a few other reasons why I am a spiritual anarchist. There is a trend in spiritual circles for people to dabble. Folks sample from one tradition, and then another, and then another, taking what they like and moving on. Kind of like a spiritual buffet. I think this is (mostly) a good thing. However, the same folks who dabble sometimes get bent out of shape if you show a lack of loyalty to whatever path is being fancied, or focused on, in a particular setting. I see this as too hypocritical for my tastes. I’ve never been … Continue reading

Timey Wimey

Time is weird. According to the counter I set up on my website, I’ve been meditating for 3,544 consecutive days. As of October 4th, 2016 I had been meditating for 1460 consecutive days by the count on the app I use as a timer during my meditations. Thanks to a long, and very fun, road trip (where we made record time) I had to wait until after midnight to meditate, so the tracker said I skipped a day. That happened again on November 29th, 2016. So now it says I am down to 86 days in a row. When I first started meditating, I took a vow to do 1,000 days. When I crossed that line a dear friend said, “Pshhh! Tell me when you get to 3,500 if you want me to be impressed.” In the paradigm I was … Continue reading