Of World’s Ending and Things

One of my good friends has been on a strong campaign recently to raise awareness of the apparent ecological disaster looming ahead in our near future. I had some thoughts about this, and they ended up going on for a bit, so I’ve decided to make a post about it. The basic thrust is that we humans have, through runaway use of fossil fuels (and other abuses of the environment) touched off a number of “positive feedback” loops that will inevitably lead to the extinction of the human race. (Note, the use of the term “positive” here is in the cold scientific way, meaning that these processes are additive and self-perpetuating, and not positive as in good for us… ) One such loop has to do directly with the rising of the ocean’s temperatures. As the temperatures have risen, especially … Continue reading

Eight Year Old Donald Trump

A decade ago I was in India. I was there with a group of my fellow Aikido students, and our Sensei. We had been bamboozled into going to India for a big Aikido seminar that our Sensei would teach. It was very exciting. Unfortunately we had all bought tickets and made plans with our various employers by the time we realized it was a scam. We decided to go anyways. As it happens we did end up holding an Aikido seminar, at the US embassy in Dehli. But, that is another story. This story is about a chance encounter with the single purest example of entrepreneurial spirit I have ever had. There were twelve of us who made the trip together. We started in Dehli, and visited the Taj Mahal in Agra, and then spent a week in Veranasi. It … Continue reading

Why Every Blogging Course Ever Is Not Worth It

I like being a blogger. It affords me several opportunities without many of the conditions that used to be tied up with them. Being a blogger, you get to exercise your creativity as a writer. You get to choose any subject matter you’d like. You get to play the roles of critic if you’d like. You can cast yourself in the position of restaurant reviewer. You can tackle any editorial opinion piece you would care too. You can write fiction if you’d like. Or surrealist commentary. Or high literature. All of this without the constraints of a boss telling you what to write, or an editor to get your pieces past. You don’t have to risk losing your job to say what’s on your mind. This freedom and flexibility are a double edged sword. You also have no one to … Continue reading