Fishing for God

“A man without God is like a fish without a bicycle.” ~ Found on the men’s room wall, Larry Blake’s Pub, Berkeley, 1977 The Sufi’s say that every story has seven levels of meaning. The above quote is from a book I have been reading again, Robert Anton Wilson’s Cosmic Trigger 1. Thanks to what I have learned from RAW over the years, I tend to try and look at things from as many angles as I can (when I can remember that this is a good thing to do.) From a RAW perspective, the Sufi wisdom about every story having seven level may be an example of sneaky reverse psychology. Perhaps it’s not so much that every tale has seven meanings, but rather that we are always free to look at thing in many ways. Upon initial reading, the … Continue reading

On Being Inspired

I just got to watch an unreleased video by a guy who I might get to work with in the near future. Excitement about the new gig aside, I found myself very inspired by the guy’s story, and sharing. I got pumped. He has something of a Gary Vaynerchuk vibe (in a very different industry) and as I happen to be a big GaryVee fan, it really hit my chords. I noticed something interesting in the process of being inspired, beyond the content. I think it’s a good idea when being inspired to not be inspired by what someone is doing. I don’t feel a particular pull towards the industry this guy is in (though he nearly got me there) as a career. It’s not something I can be passionate about. Excited yes, but passionate, not so much. If I … Continue reading

My Default Interface

“Gnothi seauton.” That’s Latin for, “know thyself.” It’s a pearl of wisdom from antiquity that admonishes one to be honest with oneself so that one may know humility, but also to ignore the opinion of the multitude in charting one’s course. I’ve muddled my way through life following this pearl as much as I can. It is in that quest to know myself that I recently sorted out a funny little issue that has been itching at my mind for quite sometime. What’s been itching my mind is something that happens to others which I have realized also happens to me, in an odd way. Of course it should be obvious what I am on about at this point, but I will just go ahead and say it. The thing that happens to others, that is similar to the thing … Continue reading