Meditation with a K.I.S.S.

Recently I had occasion to do the math on how long I have been meditating daily. Of course the number of days is listed via widget on the very site, but I wanted to be able to state it in years. I’ve been meditating for a bit over 7 years and 4 months. Whew! The reason was someone had asked on Facebook for opinions about meditation. I offered mine, and was immediately embroiled in a conversation about why I was wrong. It was quite amusing. Meditation is a very personal thing. I do happen to think there is a set of activities that qualify as meditation, and as well as a set of activities that do not. That being said, it takes on flavors as needed for each individual practitioner. I feel it’s important to honor that distinctiveness. If we don’t, … Continue reading

Jaded, or Just Conditioned

We’ve all heard the tale of people becoming jaded as they get older. “Back in my day…”, “Kids these days are so…”, “When I was young politicians…”, etc. It’s a common enough story. When I heard these stories as a kid, I assumed the adults knew what they were talking about. I took it for granted that they were right. And, sure enough, as I grew from kid into adult I began to see their point. I began to see how kids did not have the same freedom and respect that they used to. I began to see that our politicians had slid from icon to used car salesman to crook. I began to conform to this view. Lately I am beginning to see things differently. When I look at the world we adults have built in an objective way, … Continue reading

To Dream To Be Human

One of the things that happens when you spend a lot of time observing your own process is you get sensitive to those times when you make a big turn on your own path. These often come along with some external event which opens our paradigm to a new possibility. Or, they come as an insight, or epiphany, that does the same thing. I’ve recently had one of those insights. Not surprisingly it came to me during meditation. It has to do with the realms of consciousness we all have access to. I’ve written about these before, but in a nutshell: According to lots of long term traditions that humans who look into such things, we have access to certain, distinct, realms of consciousness. First is the Gross realm of physical things. Rocks, bodies, tennis shoes, and so on. It’s … Continue reading